The Buying Process


So you have decided that you are now in a position to purchase a property, give us a ring and register your interest by furnishing us with as much information about your ideal home - such as the desired number of bedrooms and your maximum budget - which would allow us to whittle down our search and find your perfect abode.

Pick Your Right Home

Now that you have viewed several properties with us (or in an ideal world, the very first property you step into!) you have decided to go for the one that tickles your fancy.

Making an Offer

So even after sleeping on it, you are still adamant that the 2 bedroom ground floor Victorian period flat with an 80ft garden complete with a rustic water feature is still the one for you, it is time to make that all-important offer, which we will then communicate to the vendor (seller).

Offer Accepted

Now that the owner has accepted your offer, you will probably want to have a solicitor instructed at this stage (we can recommend one from our expert, trusted panel) and ideally, you would be pre-approved for a mortgage and have your in-principle agreement at hand.

Legal Stuff

This is where we do all the boring things like send out sales memorandums and chase solicitors for updates, and for your conveyancer to do bits and bobs like request the property searches and raise any enquiries. Keep an eye out on the pennies as cost can easily spiral out of control!


In the middle of all of this bedlam, a surveyor would have carried out a mortgage valuation (unless it is a cash purchase) and your offer would be out. Optional surveys of a different variety such as a RICS Homebuyers Report or a building survey may serve you in good stead if said property is rather old or in need or repair (again, keep an eye on the cost!)


Youre nearly there! Now that everybody is happy with conditions of the contract, this is when you transfer a (usually) 10% deposit to your solicitor and proceed to signing the draft contracts. A completion date is also set.


The big day is finally upon us! Now your dream of getting your hands dirty, painting an exotic mural covering half your bedroom wall space is within touching distance. At this point, the remainder of the funds are deposited with the sellers solicitor, and then for completion to take place. Now you are the proud owner of your new home, just be careful not trip over your front-door step in your haste to switch the kettle on.


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