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Deciding To Sell Your Home

So youve been paying your mortgage for what it seems like forever and you decide that the time is right to put your property on the market, and benefit from the eye-watering appreciation which will allow to pay off the remainder of your mortgage (redemption figure), downsize and still and have a tidy little profit at the end to treat yourself!

Valuing Your Home

Once you you are sure that the time is right to move on, we will carry out a market appraisal of your home - free and no-obligation, of course - to determine a price that your property would be likely to achieve in the current market conditions.


Youd probably chuffed to hear that - not only will your property be given the treatment it deserves in the shape of professional photos and floorplan - but unlike many other agents, it wont cost you a single penny! Oh and before we forget, we utilise a number of major property search portals, and have access to an overseas network of investors and buyers, in order to give your property the exposure it warrants.


If all goes to plan, a stream of keen buyers will be flooding through your front door and chomping at the bit to take the house off you. Dressing up in fancy dress to entice buyers is optional, but be warned it may just end up leaving you downright ridiculous.

Accepting an Offer

You should (fingers crossed) be inundated with offers from plenty of willing buyers and all that is left is for you to make a decision on which one you would like to accept. We will fully vet all buyers and aid you in an advisory capacity in order to secure the best possible offer for your property.

Legal Bit

It cant be all fun and games (unfortunately) and somewhere along the line, a few bits of tedious paperwork need filling. This usually entails completing a Sellers Property Information Form (TA6), a Fixtures & Fittings Form (TA10) and a Leasehold Information Form (TA7) - if your property is a leasehold, rather than a freehold. These are legal documents so you may want to seek your solicitors advice if you arent sure.

At the same time, the buyer will be keeping up his end of the bargain by arranging a mortgage valuation - unless it is a cash purchase - and both sets of solicitors will work towards a contract that both parties are happy with.


Contracts for the sale have now been exchanged by the solicitors and you can breath a sigh of relief! The buyer is legally obligated to complete the sale and you can now think about retiring Algarve...or Devon...or Cornwall. Well leave that up to you.


You have been itching for the day to come and after what felt like an eternity, you can now drop the keys off at our office, ready for the buyer to pick them up and set off towards the sunset, planning your next move


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