You may have seen them on your fridge or other kitchen appliances, but a valid EPC (an acronym for Energy Performance Certificate) is a legal requirement for any property that is put on the market for purposes of renting/selling. An EPC rates properties between A-G (A being the most efficient rating) and provides information on the energy efficiency of the property, carbon emissions, running energy costs and an estimation on much money you could save if tweaks are made to make the property more environmentally friendly.

Where do I get one?

Thats the easy bit. Your property may already hold a valid EPC without you knowing and we will quickly check to confirm if this is the case. If not, we will arrange for a qualified and reputable Energy Assessor to commission a report on your behalf.

How long is it valid for?

EPCs are valid for 10 years and your property can be duly marketed the moment one has been commissioned. If an EPC is about to expire, it is still considered valid if the property is being continuously marketed and you would only need a new one if your property has temporarily withdrawn from the market for more than 28 days.


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