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Youve just gone and bought your first buy-to-let property; give yourself a pat on the back, youve earned the right to call yourself a landlord (OK, let us not get too smug about it). Renting out a home to complete strangers can be a daunting prospect. What if they leave my property in a right state? I hear you ask. That is where we come in. Our professional lettings service is here to ensure that - amongst other things - you do not get stuck with the tenants from hell.

Preparing your home

Unless aimed at a particular - often high-net worth - clientele, we probably would advise against shipping over that bespoke marble laminated worktop from Italy that youve been sizing up. The simpler, the better (and the healthier your profit margin). At the same time, you want a happy tenant so cutting corners by chucking in the flimsiest of furniture with the lifespan of all of two days is probably ill-advised too.

Valuing your home

Our team of professional property consultants, with an array of versatile skills will waste no time in valuing your rental property, and rest assured we will always aim to achieve the best price. know...there isnt much point in being a landlord if you dont get a few quid out of it. Or something to that effect.

Marketing your Property

Once all that is sorted, we will then endeavour to find a tenant in the quickest time possible. We have a knack for renting properties out before they officially hit the market, so be prepared as you may well be in for an early Christmas present (if you are reading this at Christmas, pretend it is an early Valentines gift). Oh and if it does hit the market, advertising in the form of major property portals, window displays, to let boards etc. are a given so do rest assured that your asset is in good hands.

Accompanied Viewings

We will accompany all prospective tenants to your property in order to showcase what your property has to offer. And just because we close at a certain time, does not automatically mean we will snooze off on the way home. We here at Numan value and understand the fact that a lot of resources have been invested into securing your property, therefore it only makes sense that we conduct viewings out of hours (although 3am may be a tad too late I suspect...)

Offer Stage

Once everybody has agreed upon a rental amount, we can then proceed to carrying out the reference checks after the prospective tenant pays a two-week holding deposit to rent the flat.

The Right Tenant - Referencing

This is arguably the most crucial stage and that is where we here at Numan excel; if we have the slightest shred of doubt that the tenant may not be the one for you, we will advise you accordingly. Under no circumstances will knowingly let your property to an unsuitable tenant. Suitable tenants however

Contract Stage

This is where all the final wrinkles are ironed out, all move-in monies are paid and those pesky little details such as start date and rental term are set in stone. Additional clauses can be added for assurances should the prospective tenant agree to it. You know...stuff like no White Bengal Tigers as pets.

Handing over the Keys

Bingo! Now that you have your tenant from heaven signed up, all that is left is for a clerk to carry out an inventory check-in report and for the tenant to be checked-in the keys. We will, of course arrange for this on your behalf as we wouldnt want you to have to put down your chilled glass of mojito on your Spanish cruise, only to make the most mundane of phone calls.


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