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Probably the most hackneyed cliche going, but first impressions usually always do count. Make sure you put as much effort (or even half as much for some!) in making the route leading up to your front door and the overall facade presentable as possible, as you would when getting ready for a night on the town. That means things like chipped tiles, peeling paint and untrimmed hedges are out and rhododendron bushes and gargoyle statues are in - okay, that may be overdoing it a tad.

Living Area

This is when you do your best to ensure that your living space does not look as if it has been twelve rounds with a heavyweight boxer. Make sure your furniture is neatly arranged; if you have had your fraying sofa for the best part of the 21st century and has seen its fair share of baby food and wine spills, I think it may be time to let go of any sentiment and probably invest in a new one.


It may currently look more akin to a Amazonian wilderness, but it is never too late to turn to turn it into a landscaped masterpiece that would even the put most seasoned celebrity gardeners to shame. Okay, we may be living more in hope than expectation at this stage but a reasonably aesthetic garden need not cost an arm and a leg - or even in the literal sense when factoring in the amount of work needed. A neatly-trimmed lawn and a few pot plants scattered here and there along with the removal of botanical nuisances such as Japanese knotweed would probably not go amiss.


There are people out there who there who have certain allergies or phobias of certain pets, so even if you may think your small Maltese is the most adorable canine going, some people - believe it or not - probably dont share the same sentiment. Try to keep select pets out of the way (giving them to a friendly neighbour is always an option) during views and make sure there is plenty of clean air being circulated to get rid of any potentially unwanted odours.


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